WIPCE International Council

WIPCE Vision

WIPCE is a movement of individuals and organisations dedicated to the design and development of culturally affirming and intellectually enriching education for Indigenous peoples.

Many of the principles and values underpinning the work and focus of WIPCE is reflected in the Coolangatta Statement and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

The acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills derived from education are valued pursuits and aspirations for Indigenous peoples globally.

The accrued skills and knowledge resulting from participating in schooling and post schooling learning opportunities that are culturally affirming as well as intellectually enriching is viewed as fundamental to positive human growth and development and serve as an empowering tool central to cultural survival and celebration as Indigenous peoples.

WIPCE Principles


WIPCE Gathering at Cusco, Peru in 2011

WIPCE Members