WIPCE Governance

International Council

Membership of the WIPCE International Council is open to all former WIPCE Chairs and Co-ordinators.

The Council endorses the following objectives and protocols:

  • To re-affirm the vision of WIPCE and to respectfully protect its and integrity and continue its legacy
  • The need for a formal Committee/Council to oversight and maintain the integrity of WIPCE
  • To assist future hosts through provision of terms of reference detailing what is required to honour the original vision of WIPCE.


Official WIPCE handover from Toronto (2017 host) to South Australia in 2020

Council MembersĀ 

  • Dr Noe Noe Wilson (Hawai’i), Chair
  • Dr Bentham Ohia (Aotearoa, New Zealand), Co-chair
  • Ms Aroha Te Kanawa (Aotearoa, New Zealand), Secretary, Treasurer
  • Dr Nerida Blair (Australia)
  • Professor Peter Buckskin PSM, Australia)
  • Dr Ray Barnhardt (Alaska)
  • Dr Vivian Ayoungman (Canada)
  • Phil Beaumont (USA)
  • Mahina Paishon-Duarte (Hawai’i)
  • Ms Christine Thyer (Australia)